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Transportation Business Consulting

Our professional consultants have over 30 years of experience in both the transportation and business sectors.  

We have successfully assisted dozens of clients who are new to the transportation and hauling industry.

If you are thinking about changing careers or expanding the one you have, we can help.

Setting up your equipment, filing for your authority, understanding what you need to be a successful authority or making sure you have the right team assisting your growth, we can help!

We can help:

  • Securing your authority

  • Making the right equipment choices for your budget and goals (including accessories needed for the most opportunities for freight choices)

  • Understanding the travel requirements and flexibility required to run a successful transportation business

  • Understanding the marketplace and the fluctuation in rates

  • Helping you to understand your bottom line so you can make a decision to keep moving or hold out for a better load

  • Hours of service regulations

  • Time management and load planning

  • Importance of good record keeping

  • Technology usage (reliability, etc.)

  • Developing good communication skills (both accurate and professional)

  • Building good business relationships

  • Obtaining a good factoring company

  • Understanding and training on invoicing brokers and shippers (if cannot factor)

  • Hiring the right professionals to make your business a success

  • Aligning you with all of the industry's top professionals (factoring companies, dispatchers, invoicing, tax professionals, etc.)

We have worked with nearly 150 new authorities (as of December 2022).

Our experts have successfully consulted owner operators and trucking companies with flatbeds, hotshots, reefer, dry van, heavy haulers, sprinter vans and cargo vans.

Our business consultants will assist you with planning for the types of growth and marketing to make your transportation company a success.

Scheduling a

Click the link to be connected to our calendar to schedule a 90 minute meeting with one of our business consultants.

**90 minute meetings with our business consultants cost $150.  


**Once you secure a meeting slot you will be sent an invoice for $150.  If this is not paid within 24 hours, your appointment slot will be cancelled.

Hot Shot 101 Seminar

Our sold out Hot Shot 101 Seminar is now available on demand for only $25 for a limited time only!!

Click here to get full access!

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