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What sets our dispatching division apart from other companies?

Our CEO is a licensed CDL-A driver and owner operator for over 30 years. That means that we understand all of your concerns. Our goal is to be more than just a service, we aim to be a source of knowledge for our clients.


We understand (and have experienced) some of the concerns you may have:

*Getting loads where you get stuck in a "dry" area

*Missing opportunities to get a high quality load (or rate) because you don't have the time to spend negotiating with brokers

*Spending valuable time searching for loads instead of resting or spending time with family

*Deadheading too many miles means wasting available time and fuel

*Having to go where you don't want to


When you choose EDL you get:

Family oriented dispatchers who will be focused on:

  • How you are doing

  • Where you do/don't want to go every week, and how long you want to stay out

  • Consistent communication 

  • How much money you need to make every week

  • Focused on keeping your deadhead miles low

  • Understanding time management and working with your available hours of service

  • Negotiating the best possible rates for YOU

  • Attempting to seamlessly transition you from one load to another

We know that it's all about the next we offer load planning that's focused on your schedule and your profits

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